Helping the Locals Day Tour

As most people who plan to visit Lombok would know, we had a series of devastating earthquakes in July and August 2018. Our locals have lost so much – friends and family; their homes; many schools and mosques; their businesses and jobs; and the simple life they enjoyed up to July 29 2018. We know many visitors would love to help but are unsure how they can do this. We can help you with this.

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Kebun Roek Traditional Markets at Ampenan. Our driver will guide you around the markets to help you choose such things as rice, egg noodles, fresh eggs, fresh chicken and/or fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. An estimated spend of $80 to $100 AUD will fill the back of the car. How much you choose to spend is up to you.

From the markets our driver will take you to one of the villages in North Lombok. Here you will meet with a local volunteer who will know which village is in need at that time and off you go. Once there you will meet with locals who directly benefit from your donations and visit. You will have the opportunity to see local children learning in their makeshift schools and how the temporary villages are operating while they wait for new houses to be built.
From there you will visit a small coffee production kitchen that has been created since the earthquakes where you can sample freshly brewed coffee, grab some packs to take home and experience some Sasak dancing with the coffee ladies.

We love introducing this tour because everybody wins! You will be buying fresh local produce from our markets, supporting farmers and stall holders; helping a village in need; giving a driver income for the day; and directly helping locals in need. This day out will give you a whole new perspective on Lombok and the fortitude of our locals.


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