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Tempatku Tour and Travel Lombok would like to offer a warm welcome to all visitors to our beautiful island home.

Lombok has so much to offer visitors and we are here to help you explore the magic. From the majestic Mt Rinjani in the north, to the famous 3 Gilis (Trawangan, Meno and Air), to the thriving metropolis of Mataram, east to Pink Beach, south to Kuta and its pristine beaches, southwest to Sekotong and the Secret Gilis, and west to the tourist hub of Senggigi, we have a day trip or activity to suit everyone.

Rich in Sasak and Balinese culture, Lombok lies between Bali and Sumbawa, across the Lombok Strait. Direct flights are available from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and it’s a very short flight from Bali. You can also reach Lombok from Bali on one of the many fastboats or a slower vehicle ferry.

As most people who plan to visit Lombok would know, we had a series of devastating earthquakes in July and August 2018. Our locals have lost so much – friends and family; their homes; many schools and mosques; their businesses and jobs; and the simple life they enjoyed up to July 29 2018. We know many visitors would love to help but are unsure how they can do this. We have been quietly arranging visits to villages in need, for guests to Lombok who want to help. We have now decided to advertise how you can help. Please see our “Helping the Locals Day Tour” in the drop down list to find out how you can help on your next visit to Lombok.

Please read about what we offer and use the contact form for any queries you may have regarding our tours, packages and prices. While we do offer set programs, we are also flexible in creating individual packages designed to suit your needs during your visit. Our drivers all speak English, with their cars airconditioned and immaculately clean. We only use registered and licensed drivers and guides to comply with your insurance requirements.

We can also arrange car and scooter rentals, fastboat tickets, airport transfers and shuttle tickets.

Start planning your Lombok holiday today. We’re waiting for you, what are you waiting for!

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